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About Linecraft Studio

Alex July
linkedInI am a web developer with 18+ years of experience in programming, Adobe Flash as well as web and graphic design; an author of over 40 published articles covering various aspects of web development from Flash ActionScript, AJAX and JavaScript to PHP/MySQL and RAD; a proud member of Adobe Dreamweaver and Adobe Exchange beta testing team.

I am currently residing with my wonderful family in Greater Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

If you need an assistance or have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.
Company Overview

Specializing in development of Dreamweaver extensions we have been a part of Dreamweaver Exchange community since version 3 of (then Macromedia) Dreamweaver. OUR job is to build plug-ins for automating complex or repetitive tasks to make YOUR job easier. All our extensions have been verified and approved by Adobe, some have been featured on Adobe Exchange.

A few facts about us:
  • Established in 1999 by Alex July.
  • Located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
  • Developing Dreamweaver Extensions since 1999
  • Providing Web design and development services using PHP/MySQL, JavaScript, Adobe Flash,
    ASP.NET, Classic ASP, AJAX, jQuery and other technologies


Few words from our customers

I have worked with Linecraft Studios for over 6 years now, and could not be more pleased with our working relationship.  Alex has great communication skills and an understanding of what is needed to complete any and all project I have presented him with.  I have never given Alex a challenge that he couldn't accomplish which is a true benefit to our company.  When you are looking for someone to help you with any type of Internet production or programming, you need someone that is knowledgeable, reliable, cost effective and can think creatively.  Alex is all that and more, I highly recommend Alex and Linecraft Studios for any Internet project you might have….

Sherry Bell Dukes, North Carolina, USA
Linecraft Studio is not only a pleasure to work with on a regular basis, but the quality of service they provide exceeds my expectations every time. Linecraft continues to challenge themselves by staying on to of what is current with web and dbase programming and provides solutions that not only meet the needs to the project, but also provides solutions which may be more effective and efficient to the task at hand. In addition, they are one of the most responsive and reliable programming companies I have worked with in the many years I have been providing web design services to clients. Thank you Linecraft Studio for being a great partner with the projects I need advanced programming services for.

Pam Germer, California, USA
Whenever I need any software or coding help, such as PHP, I make sure I contact Alex and the Linecraft team, they are extremely reliable, helpful and prompt. I would highly recommend using the Linecraft team for any of your Web design needs

Reginald Jones, Massachusetts,  USA
I have been creating websites since 2006 and for many years now I have been using Dreamweaver extensions developed by Linecraft Studio. They allow me to meet my deadlines as I can provide dynamic functionality to my clients in a small amount of time. I highly recommends Linecraft Dreamweaver extensions!

Ioannis Ntizoglou, Rochdale, UK

Dreamweaver Exchange Reviews
When I hit the limit of my basic 'programming expertise' I received superb support from Linecraft without which I wouldn't have been able to complete my task - the extension is not difficult to use, this was purely down to my expertise.. The support I received is worth the price of this great extension. Highly recommended!

Dreamweaver Exchange
... Linecraft support was exceptionally responsive, extremely knowledgeable, and dedicated to seeing the problem through to resolution. Talk about delighting their customers - Absolutely they do!

Richard Billingsley
Dreamweaver Exchange
... I use 3 of Linecraft's extensions right now & they are all extremely useful & easy to use... Would recommend their extensions to anyone!

Jon DeVito
Dreamweaver Exchange

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