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ASP Email Merge for Dreamweaver

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Stay in touch with your customers. Send highly personalized, visually appealing electronic mass mail with a click of a button. With Linecraft Email Merge for Dreamweaver you can build your web-based data-driven mailer quickly and easily:

  1. Define your Recordset.
  2. Insert the Object.
  3. Upload the files to the server and start using your mailer.
Place your mailer in a secure area of your web site to access it from any computer in the world.
The application comes with a built-in WYSIWYG editor, so you can compose your messages using Rich Text formatting tools; upload and insert images from the server, create links (both static and data-driven), tables, and other HTML elements using both Code and Design Views.

Email Merge Interface

Progress dialog

Mailer WYSIWYG editor mass mailer sending progress

Insert image from the server

Upload Images to the server

ASP Emali Merge insert image mailer upload

Save message content as a Template

Open Templates from the server

mass mail templates mailer templates

Feature List

  • Compatible with Internet Explorer and Gecko-based browsers.
  • Send messages in either HTML or Plain Text format.
  • Make any parameter of any HTML tag dynamic (data-driven).
  • Use variables in both Message and Subject fields.
  • Preview your messages to see how they will look on user’s screen.
  • Send test messages to any (single) specified email address (or to a comma-separated list).
  • Compatible with CDONTS, CDOSYS, JMail and Persits ASPEmail.
  • File attachment support.
  • Customize mailer appearance to match your web site look and feel.
  • AJAX-based mail engine - no more page refreshes when sending messages!
  • Progress monitor (graphic progress bar, number of messages sent and percent done).
  • Stop, pause, resume and skip to the next (to continue interrupted cycle) while sending.
  • Set automatic delay interval (in minutes) to work around hosting provider limitations.
  • Upload images to the server and immediately use them in your message.
  • Preview and insert images from your server.
  • Use message templates: preview and save them to the server or local hard drive (now also available in Firefox); preview and load templates from the server (in txt, html and php file format).
  • Specify Character Encoding.
  • Change any message parameter at any time during mailout cycle.

The extension comes with a detailed user Manual filled with tips and examples (use Help button in the extension's dialog box).

Using ASP Email Merge Server Object

Sending email messages with Email Merge Server Object is very similar to using a regular email client:
Fill in all the fields and hit the Send button. You can compose the entire message in the built-in editor or paste HTML from a template. Insert variables using the Recordset fields toolbar, format fonts and colors, insert tables, links and images.
Flip between the Code and the Design Views if needed, preview the message in a separate window to ensure it looks as expected. When satisfied click the Send button. You can send a test message to your (or any) email address to observe the outcome. After the message is sent you can read the Summary Report to see if there have been any errors and with which recipients.

Dreamweaver version Compatibility

  • Dreamweaver MX 2004
  • Dreamweaver 8
  • Dreamweaver CS3
  • Dreamweaver CS4
  • Dreamweaver CS5 and CS5.5
  • Dreamweaver CS6
  • Dreamweaver CC

Browser Compatibility

  • Internet Explorer 6 and higher.
  • Firefox 2 and higher.
  • Safari 3 and higher.
  • Opera 9 and higher
  • Google Chrome.

Please note that this version of Email Merge Server Object is compatible with ASP-VBScript server model only.
You can find PHP-MySQL version here.

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