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Spry Data Utilities Toolkit

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Spry Data Utilities is a set of extensions for developing web applications powered by Adobe Spry framework for AJAX. Using these tools you can take advantage of built-in Dreamweaver Server Behaviors for implementing AJAX-driven data related tasks (e.g. searching, creating, updating and deleting records), as well as building functionality for executing your own server-side code via AJAX (e.g. sending email).
Additional Spry buttons for your Insert panel will provide easier access to the most commonly used Spry Region elements.

This extension is compatible with Dreamweaver CS4, CS5, CS5.5 and CS6 ONLY!!!.
    Spry Data Utilities Toolkit includes:
  • Recordset to XML (or Dataset to XML when used with ASP.NET - Dreamweaver CS3 only).
  • Spry HTML Data Source Wrapper for use with HTML Data Sets (CS4 and CS5 only).
  • Spry Server Action object.
  • Spry Search object.
  • Spry Data Set Navigation (for record paging) .
  • Spry Region State objects (Error,Loading,Ready) and Spry XML Data Set Total Records object.
Spry Data Utilities PHP

Examples of use

Spry Search - find the capital of a state: Spry Server Action - send a test email:
Enter State
(one or more letters):
Loading Results...

Total matches: {ds_RowCount}
State Capital
{State} {Capital}
Email address: Required!Invalid!
Predefined message: Testing Spry Server Action.
(Note: This is only a sample. The message is predefined to avoid spam)
Spry Data Set Navigation - retrieve limited number of records per request

State Capital
{State} {Capital}
Spry Search - check user name availability: Spry Server Action - edit in place:
User "spryTest" already exists in the test database.
Try to enter it anyway, then click "check availability" and observe server response. After that test some other value.

Desired User Name:
  check availability
You can use Spry Server Action object to build "edit in place" functionality. Try it by clicking on this block of text. When it becomes editable change the text and then click away.
At this moment (under a real life scenario) changes will be saved to the database.


Use Recordset to XML (Dataset to XML for ASP.NET) Server Behavior to generate dynamic XML from your Recordset or Dreamweaver ASP.NET Dataset.
The web page with dynamically generated XML can be either referenced as XML data source for your Spry Data Set or saved as a file (clicking a button will prompt user to save generated XML file), which can be used as a Design Time feed for your Spry Data Set.
Compatible with PHP (MySQL), ASP.NET (VBand C#), ColdFusion and ASP (VBScript) Server Models.

Build AJAX-powered search functionality with Spry Search.
Using this object you can dynamically modify data source of your Spry XML Data Set based on a set of values passed from an HTML form. You will be able to specify the page element to display if search returns no results and another one to show when the results are available. Spry Search is to be used with Recordset to XML Server Behavior.

spry search

Create, update and delete records using built-in Dreamweaver Server Behaviors or execute your own server side code with Spry Server Action object.

To create desktop-like user experience you can specify a page element that will show while the operation is in progress (e.g. "Contacting server").
You can also instruct your page on what should happen once the operation on the server is complete:

  • Display browser dialog with the message returned from the server.
  • Refresh a Spry Data Set to reflect on the latest data changes (after deleting, creating or updating a record).
  • In addition you can specify the names of your own "success" and "error" functions.
    The appropriate function will be triggered based on the results returned from the server.
    This can be useful when you need to notify user of the results or update the interface. The "success" function, for example, can hide the data input form.
    Both functions will receive XMLHttpRequest response as an argument, which can be used, for instance, when displaying a custom message box.

Dreamweaver Spry Server Action

Spry Insert Update Delete Record

Take advantage of Spry Data Set Navigation to avoid performance overhead when dealing with large data sets (thousands of records).
Simply define the number of records per set and (optionally) the search form (if used with Spry Search object).
The list of features includes: Basic navigation (to navigate to the first, last, next and previous set of records), Navigation Status and Navigation links (allowing user to quickly jump to any set of records e.g. from 101 to 150). See example above.

Quickly insert built-in Adobe Spry elements: Spry Data Region States (Ready, Loading and Error) and Total Records.
For example, select a block of content inside your Spry Region and click the corresponding button on the Spry toolbar to assign to it a region state.
A collection of error icons and animated progress bar images included for your convenience.

Dreamweaver Spry Data Utilities Manual

Toolkit includes an easy to follow Manual and a reference to the learing videos and tutorials.

Below are some screen shots of user management application developed with Spry Data Utilities Toolkit.
Spry Update Record Spry Delete Record

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