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Spry Pop-up Dialog widget for Dreamweaver

Spry Pop-up Dialog for Dreamweaver

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Spry Pop-up Dialog is a user interface widget powered by Adobe Spry framework. When added to a page the widget will produce a centered AJAX pop-up box - a container for your forms, database records, page dialogs, images, Flash or any other content of your choice.
Initially invisible, it can be displayed when a user clicks a link or a button on a web page or immediately after the page loads in the browser. To dismiss it user can click the "close" link located on title bar of the pop-up widget or simply click away from the pop-up.

Key features

  • Fully customizable
  • Disable page scrolling while the popup is open or let the page scroll behind ("sticky note" mode).
  • Disable mouse interaction with the page while the popup is open ("modal" mode).
  • Optional "fade in and out" effect.
  • Draggable window mode and more.

You can edit the tree view using Properties Inspector or directly in the Design view as any regular unordered list.

Dreamweaver version Compatibility

  • Dreamweaver CS4
  • Dreamweaver CS5 and CS5.5
  • Dreamweaver CS6

Browser Compatibility

  • Internet Explorer 6 and higher
  • Firefox 3 and higher
  • Netscape 7 and higher
  • Safari 3 and higher
  • Opera 9 and higher
  • Google Chrome 1 and higher
  • SeaMonkey 2 and higher

Key Benefits

  • Use with various types of content: iframes, images, web forms, etc.

  • Put your message across and bypass those overzealous pop-up blockers.

  • Create custom dialog boxes (such as alert or confirmation box) that are visually attractive and have user-defined labels (not just "OK" or "Cancel").

  • Keep your your interface organized and display content only when it's needed.

Although this widget is independent from our Spry Data Utilities Toolkit, it's been designed to work successfully inside your Spry-driven Rich Interface Application. An overlaying "create" or "update" record form, or a Details region containing additional information are just a few examples of such use.

Spry Pop-up Dialog widget produces a dragable pop-up centered on the screen.
Looking for a context menu/toolip type of a pop-up? Spry Context Menu widget may better fit your needs.

Main features overview

Feature Set in... Can be turned-off
Pop-up can be dragged by the "title" bar. Properties Inspector
Disable page scrolling when the pop-up is open.
Alternatively you can have the pop-up retain its position while the page is being scrolled ("sticky note" mode).
Properties Inspector
Built-in "fade" effect. Fades-in the pop-up when it opens and fades-out when it disappears. Properties Inspector
Modal window mode. When this option is selected a user will not be able to interact with the rest of the page using mouse until the pop-up is closed from within itself. When the option is turned-off clicking away from the pop-up will make it disappear. Properties Inspector
Scrollable box inside the pop-up.
(scrollbars appear when the dimensions of the content exceed the dimensions of the pop-up) -"iframe-like" mode.
CSS Styles panel
Drop-shadow (color and transparency controlled through CSS). CSS Styles panel
Semi-transparent background covering the content of the page (color and transparency controlled through CSS) under the pop-up.
CSS Styles panel
Close pop-up button. Design or Code view


Default pop-up with
scrollable content
Custom dialog
Go wild with CSS
Modal custom
confirmation box

Full size image viewer. Same pop-up can be reused for multiple images. In this example pop-up dragging is turned-off.

Extension comes with the source files for all the examples above.

Accessing the Widget and the Help file

On your web page select an element to trigger the pop-up (link, image or button) and click the button or the menu item on the Insert bar to add the widget to the page. If you do not select a trigger prior to adding the widget both widget and the placeholder trigger link will be added to the page at the cursor insertion point.

Accessing Spry Pop-up Dialog widget from Spry tab of the Insert bar

Accessing Help file in Spry Pop-up Dialog Properties Inspector

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